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Danielle Thompson

“I actually first came across KH Hair as a mystery shopper and I had such a great experience at Arnold that I decided to go back for myself. I went a few times before I had an appointment with Helen by chance and since then I’ve never gone to anyone else. In my time as a mystery shopper one of the questions was about how friendly and chatty the hairdresser was, but for me personally I view the hair salon as a sanctuary where I get a bit of quiet ‘me-time’ and a chance to read my book – Helen was the first stylist to totally get this from the outset. She understood me instantly and I was so grateful for that. We’ve since built up a really good relationship and I thoroughly enjoy my appointments.

“Another really important aspect is that I can trust her implicitly. If I have something in mind or a photo of the latest celeb trend in my handbag, I know she will tell me straight, in a nice way, what will work and what won’t. I trust her to the point that I’ll just ask her for a colour and I won’t even know what mix she is doing but I know she would never let me walk out looking anything less than perfect.

“Finally, I know she will always go above and beyond. A while ago I had to do a short corporate film for my business website – I’d mentioned it in conversation to Helen during a regular appointment and let on that I was a bit nervous. She asked me when it was and when I told her filming was starting at 9am she insisted that she would open up the salon early on the day and make sure I went in front of that camera looking a million dollars.

“I have quite a bit of experience with franchises through my business and I know that the theory on paper doesn’t always convert to real-life but with KH Hair Arnold it really does and Helen and the team definitely embody all the core values of the brand but with their own personality stamped on.”

Joanna Toon

“I’ve been with Helen for nearly 8 years now. Since my first appointment with her I have actually moved 60 miles away but I still make the 120 mile round trip - it’s worth it when you find the right stylist. Helen is very friendly, very professional and always takes time out to build a relationship with her clients.

“She puts you at ease straight away and you can tell as soon as you walk in to the warm and welcoming Arnold salon that the team is really tight and Helen is an integral part of that. There is a real sense of community and you feel instantly relaxed as soon as you walk in.

“Helen is really good at attention to detail! She listens to everything you say and you know you’re in safe hands – her cut and colouring are fantastic and she will always deliver exactly what you hoped for so you leave the salon feeling really happy. And she is always smiling!!”

Angela Elwell

“Well I have been going to KH Hair for what must be getting on for 30 years now and during that time I have only ever had two stylists, the second of which is Helen. I’ve been with her for around the last 5 years and I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

“She is an absolute professional at all times; not just with me but with all the other clients who are around in the busy salon during the course of an appointment.

“She is also incredibly creative – she’s always coming up with new ideas and suggesting new things for me to try but always with her mind on what would work for me and not just to try out the latest fad or trend for the sake of it.

“She spends time giving me advice on what would work to give my hair a boost, and if I come in with ideas or a picture she is always very diplomatic and will go through what will work and what perhaps she might do slightly differently.

“She’s been persuading me to go for a different colour of highlights and I resisted at first but since having them done I couldn’t be happier! She knew it before I did and that’s what you want from your stylist.

“I really get the feeling that she cares and she wants to freshen up my look when it needs it so she never lets me get stuck in a style rut by playing it safe and doing the same old.”

KH Hair Arnold Normal Hours

Monday 9:30am 7:00pm*
Tuesday 9:30am 7:00pm*
Wednesday 9:30am 7:00pm*
Thursday 9:30am 7:00pm*
Friday 9:30am 7:00pm*
Saturday 9:00am 5:00pm
Please Note*    
Weekday last appointment times  
Cut & Blowdry 6:20pm
Cut & Colour 5:00pm

KH Hair Arnold Supports ChildLIne

KH Hair is committing to a year of fundraising activities to help boost funds for ChildLine.

Visit ChildLine Website

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